John Madden: RGIII Is Like Tebow … Only He Can Actually Pass

Count NFL Hall of Famer John Madden in as a member of the Bob Griffin III Fan Club.

From NFL-AtL:

“And at some point, I have to admit that I said this, it just came out, I said ‘RG3’s the best player in the NFL today.'” Madden said on his on SiriusXM NFL Radio show with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon. “That’s what I really thought. Those words did come out. Now, I don’t know that I’m gonna live with that or back that up the rest of the season.”

“You know, the thing that he did that was so amazing was he reminded me — and I don’t mean to throw names around — but he reminded me of a Tim Tebow that can pass,”

“You know, Tim Tebow, when he was playing for Denver last year, he would tend to freeze the defenses, because they weren’t sure if it was run or pass, if he was gonna hand off or run. I mean, he couldn’t pass like RG3 — (Griffin) can throw the ball — but he has a tendency to freeze the defense.”


Andrew Luck, RGIII Impressive In First Matchup

With Week 3 serving as the biggest week of preseason, it’s only right that it’s biggest matchup feature two of the league’s newest sensations.  Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were equally impressive today, as the Washington Redskins defeated the Indianapolis Colts 30-17.  Luck gathered momentum for himself by completing a series of short quick passes.  He finished the contest 14/23 for 151 yards and a 32 yard TD pass to fellow rookie T.Y. Hilton.  RGIII showed glimpses of trademark elusiveness out of the gate, scrambling to his right for a new set of downs on the game’s first drive.  RGIII would finish the game 11/17 for 74 yards and a 4 yard TD toss to Santana Moss.  If I was forced to choose one over the other after what we saw earlier, I’d have to go with Luck.  He looks like a veteran out on the field with the way he commands the offense and responds to adversity.  The gap between the two isn’t wide at all and I fully expect RGIII to have his moments to shine this season as well.

Skip Bayless: “I’m for the black guy”

Skip Bayless gets paid millions of dollars by the big wigs at ESPN to say the most asinine things and pass it off as “journalism”.  It’s been easy for me to ignore the comments that escape his mouth.  But every once in a while, it becomes necessary to shine a little bit of light on just how ridiculous he can be at times.  Robert Griffin III threw for 49 yards on 5 of 8 completions and was sacked 3 times during his one half of play in the Redskins preseason loss to the Chicago Bears this past weekend.  Backup QB and fellow rookie Kirk Cousins completed 18 of 23 pass attempts for 264 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Ignoring the fact that Griffin played against a Bears defensive line out for blood, while Cousins did his damage against a bunch of folks who may not even make the Bears’ final roster, Bayless decides to nip this potential QB controversy in the bud with some rather peculiar comments. Continue reading

Robert Griffin III Impressive In Preseason Debut

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton rookie year performance forever altered the way we view first year fantasy prospects.  It was long thought that you could never stake your fantasy team’s success on the arm of an incoming rookie.  Cam’s top five finish last season went a long way in changing that school of thought.

All eyes were on the number two pick in the 2012 NFL Draft last night as Robert Griffin III made his professional debut.  RGIII did not disappoint. Continue reading