Week 2 Picks

Anyone who watched this past Thursday’s matchup of the Chicago Bears versus the Green Bay Packers witnessed Jay Cutler suddenly devolve into a petulant, prepubescent girl who’d had her American Girl doll collection taken away from her.  The arm flailing, the eye rolling, the sourpuss mug he kept on his face, the constant yelling at teammates – Cutler’s time on the field amounted to a sixty minute temper tantrum that his parents surely placed him in a corner for upon their return home.

I began the 2011 season by picking 14 out of 16 games correctly on my way to finishing the season in the top 87-percentile in ESPN’s Pig Skin Pick Em.  This was simply picking the winners of the games without paying any mind to the points scored and who’s covering the spread.  I figured if I was good at picking winners, I’d do half decently picking against the spread.  Well, my Week 1 results were a complete dumpster fire and my foolish faith in Little Miss Cutler and the Bears has me in an early 0-1 hole for Week 2.  Thru 17 games played thus far in the 2012 season, I’ve picked 5 correctly against the spread.  Five out of seventeen may be a respectable MLB batting average, but in the world of NFL gambling, a record like that just may cost you your thumbs.  Luckily, I’m smart enough not to put any money down on these games.  The risk is just too big.  Follow below for the rest of my Week 2 picks …

*game lines taken from ESPN’s Pig Skin Pick Em, they allow you to change your picks up until kickoff, so some of these are subject to change; home team in caps; picks in BOLD*

  • Bears @ PACKERS (-5.5)
  • Browns @ BENGALS (-6.5)
  • Chiefs @ BILLS (-3.5)
  • Vikings @ COLTS (+1.5)
  • Raiders @ DOLPHINS (+2.5)
  • Cardinals @ PATRIOTS (-13.5)
  • Bucs @ GIANTS (-7.5)
  • Ravens @ EAGLES (-2.5)
  • Saints @ PANTHERS (+2.5)
  • Texans @ JAGUARS (+7.5)
  • Redskins @ RAMS (-3.5)
  • Cowboys @ SEAHAWKS (+3.5)
  • Jets @ STEELERS (-6.5)
  • Titans @ Chargers (-6.5)
  • Lions @ 49ERS (-6.5)
  • Broncos @ FALCONS (-3.5)

Week 2 Record: 8-8

2012 Record: 13-19 (fml)


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