Brett Favre Knew McNabb Wouldn’t Last In Minnesota

Brett Favre’s two year stay in Minnesota was a true roller coaster ride.  Favre lead the Vikings to an NFC Championship Game appearance in 2009 before it all came crashing down the following season.  Rumors of behind the scenes turmoil permeated through out the media.  The Vikings locker room had obviously become a toxic atmosphere.  Favre knew that much when he decided to retire following the 2010 season.   According to Donovan McNabb, Favre expressed a certain amount of angst upon hearing McNabb would be donning the purple and gold.From NFL-AtL:

“He said, ‘I felt bad that you went over there’ and I kind of understood where he was going, what he meant,” McNabb said. “You know, I asked him why, because they went to the NFC Championship two years prior to when I got there. And he felt like they gave all that they had in order to achieve everything that they achieved.

“Now, they had some breaks. They had some lucky breaks. Some of the passes Brett threw, just a tipped ball went for a touchdown, they beat Dallas after Dallas had beat us in Philly twice. Then all of the sudden they get to the NFC Championship, and if Brett doesn’t throw that pass, it’s a whole new different dilemma now.”

McNabb is currently angling for a return to the field.  He may wanna think twice about opening up his mouth if he actually wants a team to take a chance on him.


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