In Colorado, Peyton Manning Jerseys Indicate Gang Affiliation

This story may come as a shock to some folks, but growing up here on the south side of Chicago, it doesn’t surprise me one bit.  Old school Starter Jackets, New Era fitted caps, Air Jordans, you name – athletic apparel has long been used as a way to signify gang affiliation for years on end.  Getting caught in the wrong neighborhood wearing the wrong colors or logo could potentially earn you a ticket to a good ol’ fashion ass whoopin’ by local thugs.  Just one of the many things you had to be mindful of as you navigated the urban areas of this beautiful city.  I’m sure this is what the good folks of Greenly, Colorado were fighting against when they instituted a policy banning jerseys that displayed certain numbers.  This measure may have been a step too far.From FOXNews:

“They told me I couldn’t wear 18 anymore because it’s a gang number and I had to take it off,” said Konnor Vanatta during an interview with FOX31 Denver on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Weld County District 6 explained the policy has been around for more than three years and applies to the numbers 13, 14,18, 31, 41 and 81.

For people who have never experienced life surrounded by gang activity, this act me seem to border on being asinine.  However, for the administrators involved, dealing with the outcry of parents angered over such a measure is a lot easier to deal with than trying to squelch the potential negativity that could arise by those who choose to take offense to another person’s outerwear.


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