Hard Knocks Season Finale + The Return of Ochocinco

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin was quoted as saying that “I don’t have any regrets,” Philbin said Sunday night from his Davie, Fla., office, which America was invited into this summer. “I’m not sitting in my office and saying, ‘Geez, why did we do that?’ And if we win 15 games, it’s not gonna be because they were here, just like if we lose 13 games, it won’t be because they were here. It was a good experience, we met a lot of good people. That’s really it.”  With the Dolphins on course for what looks like a losing season, one has to wonder if Philbin truly stands by that statement.  Tonight marks the end of the eighth season of HBO’s Hard Knocks and it’s been an intriguing ride to say the least.  To put a bow on all matters that have come about over the last few weeks, Chad Johnson is scheduled for his first interview since his arrest on domestic violence charges three weeks ago.  Should be interesting …

  • The show opens with a montage of all that has gone down during preseason while HBO’s cameras have been present.  Joe Philbin holds a press conference and is on the receiving end of some very tough questions from the local media.  I wonder how Philbin is holding up mentally to the pressure
  • Wide receiver Clyde Gates has much more style than substance to his game.  One thing that annoys the hell outta me is athletes with million dollar mouths with $2 production
  • Lauren Tannehill gets some camera time.  No complaints from me whatsoever
  • Javorski Lane played running back and Texas A&M.  He blew up to over 300lbs after college, slimmed himself down and reinvented himself as a competent fullback.  He’s caught the eye of the coaches
  • He also caught the eye of coaches for his tardiness.  Not smart
  • Dolphins position coach on the final game of the preseason: “This is a huge f*$%ing game for some of you sitting in this room – Those words carry a lot of weight.  This could very well be the final game of the season for a lot of these guys
  • Javorski Lane – “When there’s someone in the road, you run them the f*$% over”
  • Pat Devellin reminds Dolphins coaches of a young Tony Romo.  He came into the game a commanded the offense just like a vet
  • Undrafted rookie Jerrell Root suffers a potentially devastating knee injury in one of the final plays of the game.  This could pretty much seal his fate as far as making the team is concerned
  • Even the Dolphins team plane is experiencing issues – the pilot backed into another plane while preparing for liftoff
  • Ocho Time
  • “I messed up.  I made that bed and I got to lay in it”
  • He apologizes multiple times for his “mistakes”
  • Chad is training as if he plans on returning to the field.  Time will if there are any takers for his services
  • Included in the final cuts is early preseason favorite Roberto Wallace and speedster Clyde Gates.  GM Jeff Ireland tells Gates that he hasn’t shown them enough to warrant a spot on the team.  Brutal
  • Jerrell Root – Cut
  • “Sheeeeeeeeit – you better be happy that you still here.  You worried about the next muthaf*&$a!??”
  • The Dolphins elect to keep all four quarterbacks … for now (The Dolphins released David Garrard this afternoon)
  • Clyde Gates bounces back immediately – he signs with the division rival New York Jets
  • “Training camp is over.  The roster is filled.  But the real work has just begun … “

All in all, this was a very enjoyable season of Hard Knocks.  Looking back, I think it’s safe to say that the Chad Johnson drama put a real damper on the atmosphere.  His presence was expected to bring a light hearted and comedic edge to the show.  Instead, his arrest overshadowed pretty all the stories to come out of Dolphins training camp.  This year’s Miami team has 2-14 written all over it.  We’ll see how this all plays out …


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