Hard Knocks – Episode 4 Recap (The Trade)

After last week’s rather uneventful episode, things should be picking back up this week when Hard Knocks gives us a behind the scenes look at exactly what goes down when a trade transpires.  This past Sunday, the Miami Dolphins sent Vontae Davis to the Indianapolis Colts for a second round pick, plus a forth rounder.  This comes on the heels of Chad Johnson’s release following his arrest, and the Brandon Marshall trade this past March.  Word has it that the remaining veteran players on the Dolphins team have been angered by the recent roster activity and they are looking for explanations.  This is shaping up to be another can’t miss episode …

  • The fact that players can be cut at any moment is not lost on the Dolphins’ locker room
  • Is Eric Steinbach the first player to retire during Hard Knocks?
  • Daniel Thomas has to sit down in the coach’s office to be reprimanded for repeated tardiness.  Coach Philbin’s patience is being tested
  • Being lost at sea is an event I have absolutely no interest in experiencing.  Chaz Alexhi is lucky to be alive
  • Les Brown is on the bubble and he knows it.  His time may be up soon
  • Dolphins GM gets a quick segment showing his family’s history in the NFL.  He spent time as a ball boy for the Chicago Bears.  All I can think about is what made him believe asking Dez Bryant whether or not his mom was a crack head prostitute was a good idea …
  • Coaches are clearly disappointed in the training camp performance of the team, specifically the defense.  Things might be on there way to getting uglier with Julio Jones and the Falcons on their way to MIA
  • Jonathan Martin lines up with a shoe missing.  Not a great way to make an impression rookie
  • Dolphins’ D makes a forth down stand that elates the coaches and the bench
  • Cornerback Jonathan Wade gets abused by Matt Ryan on two consecutive touchdown passes
  • The first round of cuts are looming …
  • After a poor showing, Jonathan Wade is one of the first victims
  • Chaz survived being lost in the Gulf of Mexico.  He’ll survive being cut by the Dolphins
  • Les Brown gets a little emotional as he recaps his experiences before he was waived  – “Thank you for all the great memories. I love you guys!!” – message he left on the team’s dry erase board
  • The Dolphins got the Colts to bump up their initial offer of a 5th & 6th rounder for Vontae Davis all the way up to a second rounder

[tweet https://twitter.com/greggrosenthal/status/240646868693049344]

  • “I gotta call my grandma” – first words out of Vontae’s mouth when notified of his impending trade
  • Vontae looked more stunned than anything else over what just occurred.  It seems like the rumors of him being dealt may have served to help brace him for what went down

Next week is the final episode of the season and this weekend is the last chance for some of these guys to make a lasting impression with coaches.  These first four weeks have really gone by quickly.  It really sucks that this show doesn’t last through out the season.  Anyways, expect more cuts and sad farewells next Tuesday during the season finale.


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