2012 Fantasy Football Preview – Top 25 Defenses/Special Teams

Here’s a look at the defenses you should be targeting over the final few rounds of your Fantasy Football drafts …

*lists created with Four-Downs.com Ranking Editor*

THE ELITEOver the last two seasons, the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers have managed repeated top 10 finishes in fantasy Defense/Special Teams rankings.  Known for causing havoc for any QB that opposes them, these three teams can be counted on to fill up the turnover and sack columns on an almost weekly basis.  The veterans on the Ravens and Steelers roster should see to it that both these teams maintain their status amongst the elite, while the Jets will be counting on an infusion of young blood on their roster to keep them ranked among the league’s best.

THE SLEEPERSBoth the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots made major moves this offseason to shore up the defensive side of the ball.  The Bills landed the biggest defensive free agent in defensive end Mario Williams.  He’ll be paired with the newly signed Mark Anderson to bolster the Bills’ pass rush.  Buffalo also nabbed highly coveted corner Stephen Gilmore out of South Carolina with their first pick of the 2012 Draft.  The Patriots drafted defensive end Chandler Jones out of Syracuse and Dont’a Hightower out of Alabama in an attempt to improve 2011’s worst defense.  The Bills could be in for Texans-like rise in the defensive rankings, while the Pats defense should be in line for a huge change in fortunes this upcoming season.


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