Dolphins Coach Doesn’t Regret Trading Brandon Marshall

One of the ongoing storylines of this year’s version of Hard Knocks and the preseason is the lack of a pass catching threat within the Miami Dolphins receiving corps.  Chad Johnson was brought in to help shore up the position, but he’s no longer with the club.  The Dolphins opened the 2012 offseason by trading Pro Bowl wide out Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for two third round draft picks.  Marshall was moved due to his checkered legal history and the team saw moving him as a way to give new head coach a fresh start free of any drama.  Marshall averaged 84 receptions, 1,114 yards and 5 touchdowns during his two years in Miami.  Obviously, his skills could be of some use to the Dolphins.  But Philbin has his eyes toward the future and doesn’t look back on the deal with regrets.From The South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

“I think you make the decisions with the information and make the best decisions you can make at the time you make them,” Philbin said. “You have to look forward. I’m certainly not sitting back here second-guessing anybody on that decision.”

Chances are the Bears aren’t looking back on this deal, second guessing themselves either.  Pro Bowl wide outs like Marshall don’t just grow on trees and Miami doesn’t have any blue chip prospects stashed away within the depth chart.  Philbin and the Dolphins are about to experience just how tough it is to move the ball in the NFL without a legit number one receiver.


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