Weeks After Saying He Should be Cut, Boomer Esiason Speaks With Tebow

I respect the hell out of Tim Tebow.  Some have said that his public persona is a front.  My response – who cares?  The amount of energy and effort one must exert to remain cheerful, positive and smiling at all times must be draining.  I don’t particularly think much of his quarterback skills, but a lot of athletes can learn a thing or two on how to properly craft and maintain a public image simply by watching Tebow’s moves.  Case in point – Tebow paid a visit to Boomer Esiason’s radio show today, nearly three weeks after Esiason blasted Tebow over the airwaves and said the Jets should cut him.  Tebow kept things positive in his response to the questions and concerns the former QB had about his presence on the New York Jets sidelines.From CBSSports.com:

Esiason did bring up his “cut Tebow” remarks but pointed out that it had to do with the media distraction Tebowmania causes and not his football abilities.
“I told that to (head coach) Rex (Ryan) and told that to (offensive coordinator Tony) Sparano,” Esiason said via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “Both of them ooze with confidence of who you are as player and a teammate which is a credit to you. Do you consider yourself a quarterback that should be in the shotgun. That has to be a dual threat instead of throwing 35-40 times a game. Do you think you can win a Super Bowl that way?”
Tebow’s response was predictably upbeat.
“I think there are some things that come easier to me than others. I think one being in the shotgun since I’ve done it since I was a sophomore in high school,” he said. “That’s definitely easier to me. There are some things I’ve done more than others. I haven’t done as many under center play-action drops, seven (step drops), that’s stuff I continue to work at. I really do, it’s not cliche I feel like I’m getting (better) every single day at it.
“This is my third offense in three year,” Tebow continued. “So if I stay at this pace, I’ll know all of them pretty soon. I feel like I’m getting better at all my weaknesses and those are really the things I’m really working hard every single day to get better at and that excites me.”

Some athletes choose to take offense when called out by members of the media and respond by lashing out negatively.  Time and time again Tebow illustrates the proper manner in which to handle media flare ups.  Tebow should run a seminar for other athletes on how to nimbly deflected media scrutiny and rise above the potential pitfalls that go along with being a high profile pro sports player.


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