Peyton Manning Showing Early Signs of Arm Strength Issues

Two of the biggest concerns with the Denvers Broncos offseason acquisition of Peyton Manning was whether or not his surgically repaired neck would hold up and just how much the nerve damage he has experienced would affect his arm strength.  If game footage and a few Broncos training camp observers are to be believed, those worries were well founded.From NFL-AtL:

In Saturday’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Manning’s passes wobbled at times, and there’s lingering concern about his ability to throw the ball to his right.

ESPN’s John Clayton tracked Manning’s progress through the summer and saw the quarterback struggle with passes to his right beyond 10 yards. This was evident in offseason practices, according to Clayton, who has seen improvement, but not perfection, through two preseason games.

The Broncos brass seem to feel as if Manning will be able to work his way through his physical issues mentally and it shouldn’t affect his game.  This is a development fantasy football participants should keep a close eye on.  Can you be confident in Manning’s ability to win your QB matchup on a week-to-week basis?  Chances are, those days are behind him.  Manning seems to be on his way to slipping down to QB2 status.


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