Gregg Williams Was Essentially “Fired” 2 Months Before Bounty Story Broke

From Yahoo!Sports, Mike Silver:

More than two months before he was suspended indefinitely by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for his role in the scandal, Williams, according to a highly placed Saints source, had been essentially fired by coach Sean Payton, who sought a sharp change in defensive philosophy. In January, Williams’ lateral move to the St. Louis Rams was publicly portrayed as his own decision, but the source said Payton had made it clear that the Saints were moving in another direction.

At the time, Gregg Williams’ acceptance of the defensive coordinator job in St. Louis was viewed as a headscratcher due to Williams’ status within league circles.  There was no real questioning of the move since the Bounty Scandal broke soon afterwards.  Regardless, Williams’ time in New Orleans was up.  However, he did leave a huge mess on the hands of his former employers.


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