Tamba Hali Loses Out On Millions Due to Suspension

Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl defensive end Tamba Hali was suspended to one game due to a failed drug test.  Suspensions for performance enhancing drugs are usually four games long, so it may be safe to assume that Hali tested positive for a drug of abuse.  While Hali escaped severe punishment on the field, his wallet may be lighter next season, and the structure of his contract may be solely to blame.From ProFootballTalk:

A league source tells PFT that the suspension for violating the substance-abuse policy voids $7.75 million in guaranteed payments for 2013, under the terms of a contact signed in 2011.  Hali is still due to earn $12.25 million, and he’ll get all of the money he’s due to receive as long as the Chiefs don’t cut him.

So, this all becomes a moot point if the Chiefs decide they not to release Hali.  But saving that $7.75 million dollars may be just enough for Kansas City to actually consider doing it.


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