Mike Vick Escapes Serious Injury After Vicious Hit

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick may have learned from the errors of his ways during his more youthful days, but he has yet to learn a damn thins about proper awareness within the pocket while on the field.  Eagles fans held their breath after Vick left last night’s Monday Night Football contest versus the Patriots with an apparent rib injury.  All x-rays have come back negative, showing he only suffered a “rib contusion”.  Vick should be fully healthy by the start of the regular season.  But how much longer can he hold up taking hits like this?  We’ve seen him get absolutely crushed year in year out.  You’d think he would’ve altered his game somewhat by now.  With that being said, he’s still worth an early round pick in your fantasy drafts.  His upside is too high to pass up and if you’re considering drafting him, chances are you’re smart enough to stash a quality back up on your bench.  Don’t let Mike Vick’s playing style scare you away from making him a part of your fantasy rosters.


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