Hard Knocks A.O. (After Ocho) – Episode 3 Recap

The first Post-Chad episode of Hard Knocks airs tonight.  After last week’s fireworks, how will the team respond?  The Dolphins have no time to spare on the Ochocinco drama.  This team has to prepare for its next preseason game, which happens to be rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s first start.  Miami also needs to fill the hole left by Chad Johnson’s release and settle on a wide receiver rotation.  The Dolphins have a lot on their plate as the preseason rolls along …

  • Dolphins defensive lineman Karlos Dansby was really outspoken on how the team handled Chad Johnson’s exit.  He feels as if the organization abandoned Ocho before all of the facts were known.  Reggie Bush (along with Dansby and Jake Long) shows some leadership qualities by scheduling a sitdown with head coach Joe Philbin to come up with a better way of communicating the teams standards and expectations to the players.   An unofficial leadership council is put in place to handle these matters.  Looked like time well spent in discussing the issues
  • I said don’t worry about a thing.  Cuz every little thing is gonna be alright …”
  • More Reggie time – sets personal goal of leading the league in rushing at year’s end and what’s to be seen as a team leader.
  • Right Tackle Jonathan Martin – The Big Weirdo
  • John Jerry is overweight and “unreliable” in the eyes of the coaches.  The coaches plan on making him work extra hard to see if he truly gets it
  • All that extra work forces Jerry to vomit aaaaaallllll over the practice field.  eeeyuuuuughk!
  • Great work by the rookies in their talent show, especially for that rendition of Cee-Lo Green’s “F*ck You”
  • Vontae Davis has shaken off his early camp rust and has regained the trust of his coaches
  • David Garrard carries a man purse.  Could mean nothing.  Could mean everything
  • Quarterback Pat Develin, who’s seeing increased reps due to Garrard’s injury reminds coaches of a young Tony Romo.  Not sure if that’s a compliment or not
  • All eyes on Ryan Tannehill as he makes his 1st preseason start versus.  Things did not go too well …
  • Things come together during a 15 play touchdown drive as Tannehill and wide receiver Roberto Wallace hook up multiple times
  • Felt bad for rookie tight end Michael Egnew as he was chewed out by his position coach.  He got back on his good side by making a solid block a few plays later
  • Wide receiver Chris Hogan is nicknamed “7-11” – because he is always open.  Get it?
  • Develin wets the bed by tossing a game clinching INT.  Maybe that’s why he reminded the coaches of Tony Romo?
  • Matt Moore seems to take the news of Ryan Tannehill being named the permanent starter in stride.  True professionalism on his part
  • And we close out to some more Bob Marley tunes …

Overall, this was a pretty uneventful episode, which shouldn’t come as a surprise after what occurred last week.  Next week’s episode will continue to chronicle the progress of Ryan Tannehill.  How will he respond to being named the team’s official starter?  Next Tuesday should shed a little light on the answer to that question …


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