Did Drew Rosenhaus Offer Money To Dez Bryant, Advisor

The life of an NFL agent (or any rep for that matter), can be quite shady at times.  More often than not, these guys may have to employ extreme measures in order to snag a potential client.  It should be of surprise to no one that NFL SuperAgent, Drew Rosenhaus, has been has been accused of possibly breaking rules set forth by the NFL Players’ Association to skirt curb these types of problems.  If the details included in this report from Yahoo!Sports’ Jason Cole are true, Rosenhaus may soon find himself in a bit of trouble.From Jason Cole of Yahoo!Sports:

David Wells, a longtime advisor to Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, has accused high-profile agent Drew Rosenhaus of offering him a prohibited cash payment and trip to Miami in an effort to sign Bryant, Yahoo! Sports has learned.

The offers, through a series of text messages prior to the 2010 NFL draft, are apparent violations of the NFL Players Association’s regulations on agents.

The two most damning texts read as follows:

• Dec. 16, 2009, Rosenhaus wrote in a text to Wells: “Also will have 10K for you to give to your community center..”

• Dec. 17, 2009, Rosenhaus wrote in another text: “Dnt [sic] mean to put pressure but we want this bad ! Were ready to put u on a private jet and get this done.. Miami’s callllinnnnnggggg!!!”

At least the first two texts appear to be violations of the NFLPA’s regulation on “Prohibited Conduct.” In Section 3, Article B, subsection 3 of the NFLPA’s agent regulations, agents (known as “Contract Advisors” in the regulations) are specifically prohibited from making such offers.

These allegations should come as a shock to no one.  Chances are instances such as this have occurred plenty of times through out the years without word leaking out publicly.  The real question becomes – what will the NFL/NFLPA do about it?  In Rosenhaus, the NFL has a high profile (alleged) rule violator.  If these allegations are proven true, will the powers that be look to make an example of Rosenhaus?  This may just be the beginning of a huge problem for the NFL’s most successful agent.


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