Conflicting Reports On Austin Collie’s Possible Concussion

Maybe two seconds after the hit occurred (sorry, couldn’t locate the video on youtube), I grabbed my phone to text a buddy of mine saying “Austin Collie may have just gotten rocked again”.  Collie took a forearm from Larry Foote to the helmet and looked a bit groggy as he attempted to collect himself.  He has already suffered 3 concussions over the span of his short career.  Last night’s hit could possibly make it his 4 concussion in 21 months.  The Colts and Collie’s rep seem to be a bit at odds over whether or not he truly suffered a full blown concussion.While Colts’ head coach Chuck Pagano has already stated that Collie was indeed concussed last night, Austin Collie’s player rep has come out and said that any diagnosis at this point would be a bit premature.

From Adam Schefter:

Due to Collie’s history, it would be safe to assume that the Colts will approach this latest setback with extreme caution.  The new initiative to combat head injuries should keep Collie from rushing back onto the field too soon.  What’s scary about this situation is that Collie seems to be becoming more and more susceptible to suffering concussion like symptoms.  It would be prudent for all involved to take every precaution necessary before Collie is allowed to resume playing.


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