While Serving Suspension, Gregg Williams Will Travel Across Globe

Since his punishment was announced, former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has remained in contact with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in hopes of having his indefinite suspension lifted at the conclusion of the 2012 season.  This Fall will be his first one away from the game of football in decades, and Williams will fill up all of his newfound free time with a journey takes him across the globe.From CBSSports’ Jason La Canfora:

Williams has kept a very low profile during his exodus, abiding by the league’s stringent punishment, quietly working with various high school and college programs, going around the country to lend a hand. Having spent his entire adult life coaching, friends say Williams is also seeking to alter his world view and gain perspective, hence spending time with four tribes in Thailand’s “Golden Triangle,” an area with a deep history in the opium trade.

… When he returns home, friends say, Williams will then head out for a military bootcamp experience, sort of like his own “training camp experience.”

Williams also expects to make a trip to Africa in the coming weeks, beginning in South Africa and moving north, again, expanding his borders and taking in sights, people and a locale he would not otherwise experience.

Gregg Williams was hired by the St. Louis Rams just a few days before his punishment was handed down.  His status with the league won’t be revisited until after this season is over.  Roger Goodell has already stated that Williams will aid the league in educating others on the potential harm that can be brought on by instituting a bounty system within any football program.  All of that can wait for the time being.  This entire trip should serve as a welcome distraction from what is almost assuredly one of the most stressful periods of Williams’ life.


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