Ryan Mathews Out Until October?

San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews should serve as Exhibit A in defense of waiting until the preseason is over to hold fantasy drafts.  Since the Summer began, Mathews was pimped out by analysts as a lock for top 5 ranking status among running backs this season.  Football logic dictates that you cannot predict injuries, by Mathews’ history would tell you that he’s had difficulty staying on the field.  The broken clavicle he suffered last was originally expected to keep him out for 4-6 weeks.  After hearing from one noted physician, Mathews and the Chargers may want to readjust that timetable.From NFL-AtL:

When Dr. Neil Ghodadra sat down with “NFL Fantasy LIVE” guru Jason Smith this week, a healthy dose of doom and gloom was dumped upon the viewing public.

“It takes six weeks for the bone to heal,” Ghodadra said. “Even after you fix it with the clavicle plate and screws, the bone still has to heal, so you are looking at six weeks for that at minimum. Studies have shown 8.8 weeks is how long it takes for NFL players to get back from clavicle fractures.”


Ouch indeed.  Mathews injury history is precisely why San Diego should be wary of rushing him back onto the field.  Mathews has lost time over previous seasons due to injuries piling up without proper time to mend.  The Chargers will rely on a three man running-back-by-committee while Mathews heals up, which consists of veterans Ronnie Brown and Jackie Battle, along with Curtis Brinkley.


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