Hard Knocks – Episode 2 Recap

A lot has gone down in Miami since last Tuesday.  David Garrard’s preseason was interrupted by arthroscopic knee surgery.  Ryan Tannehill made a his professional debut and became the front runner for the Dolphins’ starting QB job.  However, all anyone really wants to talk about is the former Dolphin – Chad Johnson.  I paid little mind to Ochocinco when he promised a Dolphins front office member that he’d get arrested on his day off during last week’s episode.  Obviously, the man was joking, but his words turned out to be more prophetic than he could have ever imagined.  Word has it that tonight’s episode will include footage of Joe Philbin addressing Chad face to face and before dismissing him from the team.  Moments like that is what Reality TV was made for …

  • This episode begins with the announce of the death of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid’s son.  Having lost a son recently, this is an experience Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin knows all too well, unfortunately.
  • David Garrard gets extensive exposure, shown looking great during camp drills.  This whole segment makes his knee injury and subsequent surgery all the more maddening
  • Major props to Ryan Tannehill for his rendition of “Lean On Me” – LOL
[tweet https://twitter.com/realfreemancbs/status/235560556222889984]
  • Earlier today, a Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald labeled Tannehill “the player quarterback-starved Miami fans have been longing for since Dan Marino.”  That’s really high praise, but it’s tough to argue against.  Tannehill has exceeded expectations by playing the position with poise while exhibiting the swagger of a veteran.  Lot’s of people questioned this pick when it was made back in April, with analysts accusing the Dolphins of reaching.  Tannehill is going to end up making a lot of people look smart
  • “What happened to your head?  What happened to your f***ing eyebrows!?”
  • Miami has been blasted all offseason as fielding the league’s worst receiving corps.  Third year vet Roberto Wallace is hoping to make his mark.  At 6’4”, 225lbs to go along with sub 4.50 forty speed, Wallace certainly has the size and wheels to potentially stand out.  He’ll take over Ochocino’s old spot (Z) in the Dolphins starting wide receiver line up.  Keep an eye on his development.
  • Ocho no longer has the burners to get by press coverage the way he used to.  A sad sight to see actually …
  • Mike Sherman to Chad “Everyone thinks you’re selfish … you create your own perception”
  • Ocho with some rather poignant thoughts on putting on “fronts” for the media.  After preaching for so long that he’s never been arrested, we learned that Chad has a prior domestic conviction on his record from the early 2000s.  Is the whole “Ochocinco” persona Chad’s front?  Do we really know who Chad Johnson is?
  • Mary Garrard annihilates her son, Justin, with a football – hilarious
  • *obligatory Lauren Tannehill camera time* (not that I’m complain)
  • Preseason Week 1 recap – Tannehill is the man
  • Philbin looks PISSED while watching news reports on Chad
  • The showdown …
  • Philbin and Chad look soooo uncomfortable while Philbin goes over all the details and tells Chad this isn’t working
  • Chad looks contrite and sounds extremely grateful as he thanks Philbin for the opportunity
  • I never want to see a person lose their job.  I don’t even like watching folks get fired on The Apprentice.  Watching Chad being escorted off the premises while the ominous music plays in the background was a bit unsettling and made for some good drama.  Hard Knocks out did themselves with this episode.  That behind the scenes look on the Ochocinco Drama was some of the most compelling TV I’ve witnessed in years.


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