Justin Tuck Finds Lack of Respect From Media, Packers “Depressing”

I certainly get where New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck is coming from.  If you’ve watched ESPN over the last few months as they incessantly covered Tebow and the Jets and Peyton’s arrival in Denver, you could easily forget that the Giants won the Super Bowl last season.  Add to that Clay Matthews’ blatant disrespect of how things went down in the NFC Divisional Playoffs this past January, and you’ll be able to slowly paint a picture of under-appreciation for the Giants.  That has Justin Tuck feeling a little blue.From ESPNNew York:

“Who cares,” Tuck said when asked if he finds it comical how some are doubting the Giants this season. “I don’t find it comical. I find it somewhat depressing. We lost games last year where luckily for us we got the opportunity to play the next week.”

And about those comments from Clay?

“Thank you for giving us the game, Clay,” Tuck deadpanned. “I appreciate it a lot.”

“It is football, it is a funny game. Talk is cheap. Play the game. We will see Green Bay again this year so we will see who lays down that week.”

The regular season can’t get here soon enough …


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