Aaron Rodgers Reveals New Touchdown Celebration

Green Bay Packers quarterback and 2011’s Most Valuable Player Aaron Rodgers has been known to “Put the Belt On” after scoring touchdowns.  However, I think we all can agree that the move has become a little stagnant at this point.  Never fear, Packers fans.  A-Rod may have just come up with new signature move.From YahooSports’ Mike Silver:

Rodgers, in an effort to rile what he hopes will be a rejuvenated Green Bay Packers defense, unveiled his latest and greatest triumphant gesture a few days ago, one he describes as a “nice white-guy dance.” Striking a pose with his hands on his ears and gyrating his hips like an actor at an ill-fated “Magic Mike” audition, the reigning NFL MVP put the camp in training camp.

Sadly, Rodgers stated that this move may not make its way onto the field this season.  Which may be a good thing.  Not too sure how many fans would want to see him perform this one during a game.


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