Saints, Cardinals Players Had a Nice Laugh at the Expense of the Replacement Refs

As I stated in the Hall of Fame Game mini-recap, the ineptitude of the replacement officials standing in for the currently locked out NFL refs was hard not to notice.  How bad were they?  Some players openly joked about the matter right in front of the refs.  The NFL-Referees Association even compiled a list the many blown plays the replacement refs missed.  Hit the jump for more.From CBSSports’ Mike Freeman:

“We were all laughing on the sidelines at how clueless they were,” said one player.

It got so bad players began mocking the replacement officials. Players also say some of the officials began arguing amongst themselves vocally in front of the players.

The National Football League Referees Association, the union for the locked out officials, released a statement later on Monday saying it documented a number of mistakes as well. Biased? Of course. Accurate? Yes. Players pointed to many of the same mistakes the NFLRA did which included:

  • A touchdown ruled short
  • A no call for offensive holding in the end zone
  • A no call for illegal motion
  • A no call for kicking team member going out of bounds and touching ball first
  • Wrong penalty enforcement for offensive holding
  • A no call for illegal hands to the face
  • A no call for facemask
  • A no call for helmet to helmet on defenseless punte
  • The royally screwed up hold on a punt return
  • A no call on intentional grounding
  • A no call on defensive offsides

With just over four weeks remaining before the games that matter begin, there is enough time for the NFL and the refs to come to some sort of labor agreement.  And any true NFL fan should pray that they do.  With Roger Goodell’s emphasis on player safety and integrity of the game, it would be highly hypocritical of him to allow these refs to work during meaningful games.


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