Matt Forte Enters the 2012 Season On a Mission

Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte was in the midst of a career year before it was prematurely ended due to a sprained MCL suffered in a Week 13 matchup versus the Kansas City Chiefs.  Fully healed and blessed with a new deal, Forte enters the 2012 campaign looking to silence his doubters.From CBSSports’ Mike Freeman:

“What happened with my contract is how it’s supposed to happen,” Forte said. “Only thing I would say is, deal could have been done last year. I’m not sure why it wasn’t. You have to ask the Bears. But you can’t get a deal done when one side wants to do it and the other side doesn’t.”

I asked Forte if he remains bitter. – “Not necessarily,” he said. “More bitter about stuff that was written about me. Stuff about my knees being shot or how I was asking for Adrian Peterson money. None of that was true and I don’t know where any of it was coming from.”

Was it coming from the Bears? – “Probably,” he said. “Who knows?”

To be clear: Forte doesn’t come off as bitter as much as shocked he had to go through it all. He seems, actually, almost pissed. Chip meet shoulder?

“I’m going to show people I deserve this contract,” he said.

With his contract dust up with the Bears behind him, Forte sounds eager to shut a few folks up.  If his 2011 was any indication, Forte should be primed to do just that.


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