Gregg Williams May Aid League In Speaking Out Against Bounties During the Season

Former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has remained quiet on the bounty scandal while other coaches and players suspended for their respective alleged roles in the matter have defended themselves publicly.  In an effort to be reinstated by the NFL for the 2013 season, Williams may use his voice as a means to educate the league as a whole on the perils of a bounty system.From the National Football Post:

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell – “Our staff has talked to him a couple of times. He wants to be helpful in making sure people understand that bounties aren’t part of football and that is not what he is about. He is going to be active in doing that this season.”

Williams is currently serving an indefinite suspension for instituting the bounty system during his time with the Saints.  His willingness to participate in an effort to educate teams and speak out against bounties may go a long way in ensuring that he is allowed to one day resume his career as an NFL coach.


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