John Madden: There Is No Madden Curse

Lions fans – worried about your Pro Bowl Wide Receiver, Calvin Johnson, appearing on the cover of Madden NFL 13?  Relax.  You have nothing to fret over.  This, according to the man who’s made millions off off lending his name to the best selling football game on the market.From the Detroit Free Press:

“I was on the cover for several years, and I never once even pulled a hamstring,” Madden said, breaking into a laugh. “It’s a violent sport. Injuries are going to happen.”

“If there was such a thing (as a curse), you couldn’t ask for a better man to prove that wrong than who we’ve got this year,” Madden said about Johnson. “He might be as close to indestructible as we’ve ever had on the cover. Maybe I shouldn’t say that…that might…I’m not going to talk about that any more.”

Wooo, buddy.  Talk of a ‘Madden Curse’ could be deemed silly, but you shouldn’t go tempting the football gods by spitting in the face of its supposed existence.  That last quote could serve as a huge jinx.  The Lions may want to stuff Megatron in bubble wrap for the entire 2012 campaign.


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