Jerry Jones “Too Pissed” to Speak With Dez Bryant – UPDATED


You know as a daddy sometimes, you’re not supposed to spank when you’re mad. I wanted to get the information, like I said the other day, but I also wanted to get my mind right so we could really have a good talk about it.“ – Jerry Jones to’s Ian Rapoprt

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t on speaking terms with embattled wide receiver Dez Bryant.  Can you really blame him?  After being arrested for beating up his mom a few weeks back, Bryant is lucky to still have a roster spot.’s Around the League:

And while Jones clearly has no problem sharing his feelings, he’s not ready to talk to wide receiver Dez Bryant, currently entangled in legal issues after allegedly striking his mother during an argument this month. During an appearance on KRLD-FM, Jones said he has yet to speak with Bryant about his latest brush with the law. When asked why, Jones clarified himself.

“Because I’m too pissed to talk to him.”

Although his mom, Angela Bryant, eventually said she did not want to pursue charges against Dez, police observed swelling and bruising on her, which indicated some sort of altercation took place.

While Bryant may escape discipline from the league, roughing up his mom may bring down his team’s owner’s wrath.


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