“Hi – My Name Is Plaxico. This Is Crazy, But Here’s My Number. Call Me, Maybe?”

Looks like Plaxico Burress is having a difficult time understanding why no one is interested in his services …

From ESPN’s Adam Schefter (via ProFootballTalk):

Training camps are open and free agent receiver Plaxico Burress remains unsigned, and Burress is baffled by that.

Burress told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that he expected to have contract offers as soon as free agency started, and he assumed that in late July he’d be in camp with some NFL team.

“No doubt about it,” Burress said. “With some of the things I was able to do after being away for two years, I pretty much thought it spoke for itself. But I guess obviously not.”

We should be hearing more from this interview later today.

[tweet https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/230270516336926720]

Burress no longer has the wheels to remain a consistent threat in today’s NFL.  However, he remains a viable red zone target, illustrated clearly by his 8 touchdown receptions in 2011.  Sooner or later, he may get that call he’s waiting for.

My rankings for Washed Up/Aging WRs are as follows:

  1. Plaxico Burress
  2. Terrell Owens
  3. Braylon Edwards

17,498.  Roy Williams


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