Will Mike Wallace Be Traded After Failing to Strike a Deal With Pittsburgh?

After locking in wide receiver Antonio Brown to a 5 year, $42.5 million deal, the Steelers appear to be ready to move on from Mike Wallace.  There was talk of Pittsburgh using the franchise tag on Wallace once he becomes a free agent after this season. However, not many teams have two, big money wide outs on their roster and the Steelers don’t seem ready to buck that trend.  Follow below for more details …

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As enticing as trading for Wallace may be, there are hurdles standing in the way of making any deal possible.  From ProFootballTalk:

That one is harder to picture. First of all, a trade would only happen if there’s a team out there willing both to meet Wallace’s contract demands and to give up compensation that the the Steelers are willing to accept … In other words, there aren’t many options for Wallace right now. His best bet seems to be signing the tender, having another strong season, and hoping unrestricted free agency goes better for him next year than restricted free agency went for him this year.

The Steelers received a blessing from the football gods through the development of Antonio Brown.  The irony of that fact lies with the circumstances they now face with Wallace.  Brown’s maturation as a wide out has made Mike Wallace expendable.  Now, we’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out.  The “Wallace Watch” will most likely be the most talked about training camp story this summer.


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