*UPDATE* – Maurice Jones-Drew Won’t be Reporting to Training Camp

Maurice Jones-Drew made it clear to everyone that he wanted a new contract when he skipped out on Jacksonville’s minicamp sessions last month.  Now, with the Jaguars reporting to training camp this week, MJD will be taking his protest a step further.

[tweet https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/228424447965675520]

Jaguars owner, Shad Khan has already stated that MJD’s deal won’t be reworked.

“It’s his choice. There’s been very little for us to do rather than wait on whatever he might choose to do.’’

Asked if the Jaguars have made a decision by not giving Jones-Drew a new deal, Khan paused and said: “There’s more than 50 players under contract. There are other people under contract in management, coaches. Does that mean if you do it for one, you do it for everybody. Where do you draw the line?’’

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk answered that rhetorical question from Mr. Khan perfectly.

That’s easy. You draw the line on a case-by-case basis. If, for example, one of your employees led the league in rushing at a time when the offense had nothing else, you consider rewarding him.

Especially when you have $25 million in cap space.

And therein lies the rub in this whole dispute.  With rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert stinking up the joint last season, MJD shouldered the entire Jaguars offense to the tune of over 1,900 yards and 11 touchdowns on the ground and through the air last season.  Gabbert showed no real flashes of brilliance last season, so MJD remains their only true threat on offense.  It would be wise of them to make peace with their disgruntled star.

*UPDATE* – Just in case you were getting the impression that this would be your run of the mill holdout, think again.  CBSSports’ Mike Freeman has the scoop:

But I’m getting the feeling Jones-Drew may be willing to push the envelope a bit in terms of when he shows up.

He won’t holdout for a portion of the regular season (at least I don’t think he will) but there’s no question, a source close to the back says, he’s considering testing the will of Jaguars leadership.

That’s a battle he can’t win and Jones-Drew knows this and he’ll likely come to his senses.

But this could get highly interesting.

Looks like Jags fans may be in for a long summer …


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