Dez Bryant’s Mother Won’t Pursue Charges

A few weeks back, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was arrested after a domestic altercation with his mother.  According to reports, Bryant grabbed his mother by her shirt and slapped her a few times with a baseball cap.  This week, Angela Bryant, Dez’s mother, announced that she did not want to pursue a case against her son.During a press conference held yesterday, the Bryant’s family attorney stated that no physical violence actually occurred.  From ProFootballTalk:

“Mr. Bryant and his mother, Angela are appearing here today because they feel it is important to address recent reports that Mr. Bryant committed family violence against his mother,” the statement read. “Although Dez would like to speak to this matter, on the advice of counsel, he will not make any statements at this time.

Did a family disagreement occur? Yes. Did Dez Bryant commit family violence against his mother? No.

Angela Bryant does not want charges filed against her son … Dez and his mother believe this is a family matter that can be worked out through counseling.”

This situation could have blown up can caused a major distraction for Dez as he embarks on his attempt to change his image off the field and become a more reliable player on it.  Angela Bryant has refused to pursue charges, but that won’t stand in the way of the authorities doing what they may feel is necessary.  However, without Angela’s cooperation, chances for a conviction on any charges could prove to be difficult.  More than likely, this entire episode will be forgotten by the time Week 1 rolls around.

ProFootballTalk: Bryant family attorney says no violence occurred


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