Carolina Panthers’ Ryan Kalil Takes Out Full Page As Predicting Super Bowl Victory for Panthers

Apparently, Carolina Panthers starting center Ryan Kalil has the utmost confidence in his team’s fortunes this upcoming season.  Taking out a full page ad predicting a Super Bowl win before the preseason has even begun?  That takes a lot of intestinal fortitude.  Or, Kalil is completely off his rocker.  Check out the ad after the jump …

The Panthers’ arrow seems to be pointing skyward with all world quarterback Cam Newton leading the way.  With analysts predicting that Newton will continue to develop and soar to new heights, expectations for the Panthers have risen as well.  However, they finished the 2011 season with a 6-10 record.  The Super Bowl is a lofty goal, so the Panthers may want to focus on simply winning their division before predicting titles.


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