Lions Aaron Berry Arrested for 2nd Time In a Month

The Detroit Lions continue to strengthen their stranglehold on the league lead in offseason arrests.  Less than one month after his arrest on drunken driving charges and pretty much at the EXACT same location where that arrest occurred, Lions cornerback Aaron Berry was once again popped, this time on three counts of simple assault charges.  One of the victims of the assault turned out to be a blogger for the Miami Dolphins.  Here’s his first hand account of what went down:

… At the end of the night as my buddies and i are walking back to the car we nearly get hit by this guy backing out of a parking spot.

Naturally we were yelling to get his attention so we wouldnt get hit. Well next thing we know theyre rolling down the back window and the front passenger points a laser at us and tells us to back away.

The one friend and I just brushed it off and kept walking after the car left only to turn around and see our other friend frantically ru.ning up to a cop. Turns out that laser was attached to a glock 45… my friend being a gun enthusiast was able to describe the weapon exactly and they caught the car just a block away.

So after we went and identified the guys from the car and filled out all the police reports the one cop says… Do you guys know who that is?

I had no clue… but he says… thats Aaron Berry feom the Lions… he dropped the crucial interception in the playoff game against the Saints last year. The bleepin idiot was just arrested less than a month ago for DUI in practically the same spot.

Wow.  Just … wow.  Smart move Mr. Berry.  Really smart …

The Lions released a statement that read, “We are extremely disappointed by the reports involving Aaron Berry.  We are currently gathering more information and will have further comment when appropriate.”

This brings the Lions’ arrest total for this offseason up to 7.  Second year players Mikel Leshoure and Nick Fairley have both been arrested twice.  Fairley was arrested on April 3rd in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama for marijuana possession. He followed that up with a DUI arrest on May 27th. He was also cited for reckless driving (driving 100MPH) and attempting to evade officers. Fairley also had an open container of alcohol in his vehicle plus no proof of vehicle insurance.  Leshoure was arrested twice in one month span (February 18th & March 12th) on marijuana charges.  Offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath was arrested earlier this year as well.

Expect the NFL to come down hard on the players AND the Lions’ organization as well.  Their behavior suggests a complete lack of institutional control.  The NFL may be left with no choice but to make an example of all those involved.

ProFootballTalk: Lions “extremely disappointed” by Aaron Berry arrest


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