Calvin Johnson – The Most Dangerous Weapon In the NFL

Before the start of the 2011 season, former Minnesota Vikings stand out wide receiver Cris Carter raised many eye brows by saying Calvin Johnson was not a top 5 receiver in the NFL.

1,683 yards and 16 touchdowns later, Megatron seems to have changed Carter’s mind.  From ProFootballTalk:

“When you have a young quarterback, under the age of 25, coming off a 5,000-yard season, and you have the most dangerous weapon in the National Football League in Calvin Johnson, that’s why, this duo, to me, is the absolute best,” Carter said. “Franchise quarterback with the No. 1 big-play wide receiver in the NFL.”

Carter is right, but it’s sad that it took him so long to come around.  Johnson has been viewed as one of the top three players at his position for about 4 years now.  You’d think someone of Cris Carter’s stature would take notice of that.

ProFootballTalk: Cris Carter on Calvin Johnson: “Most dangerous weapon in the NFL”


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