UPDATE: Dez Bryant – Arrested

From ProFootballTalk:

Fox 4 in Dallas reports that Bryant faces a Class A family violence charge and has already bonded out of jail. No further information is available about what transpired leading to Bryant’s arrest …

Bryant is a very talented young receiver who has had some off-field red flags in the past, but none of those past red flags — ranging from NCAA eligibility issues to financial problems — had included an arrest. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has been one of Bryant’s strongest supporters, will surely be extremely disappointed by this development

*UPDATE* – More details are beginning to trickle out on this incident.  From NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport:

[tweet https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/225246823596572672]

Yikes indeed.  You never put your hands on your mom.  Ever!

This is Bryant’s first arrest, so he may avoid a suspension from Roger Goodell.  Still, this is a disturbing event, one that more than likely could have been avoided and spared the Cowboys from the negative press they are receiving.

ProFootballTalk – Dez Bryant arrested on family violence charge


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Dez Bryant – Arrested

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