Greg Cosell’s Top 5 Wide Receivers

Yesterday, NFL Films producer Greg Cosell released a piece on who he considers to be the top 5 wide receivers in the NFL.  Cosell wasn’t as concerned with the numbers produced as he was with the game day footage of the prospects he analyzed.  Here’s a look at his rankings.

  1. Andre Johnson, Houston Texans
  2. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions
  3. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals
  4. Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers
  5. AJ Green, Cincinnati Bengals

A.J. Green’s inclusion on the list surprised.  That was due more to his youth rather than his skill set.  Although he;s not nearly as fast, Green’s game can be favorably compared to Randy Moss.  This is illustrated by his ability to gain separation using his deceptive speed, coupled with his ability to “go up and get it” when the ball is thrown to him in heavy defensive traffic.

Steve Smith is the only receiver listed who stands in at under 6’3”.  Although he is listed at 5’9”, Smith plays the receiver position as if he were a foot taller.  He takes the field with a chip on his shoulder and that has aided him greatly in his 12 years in the league.

The top three names on the list have all alternated the title of “Top Wide Receiver in the NFL” over the last few seasons.  You can’t go wrong with choosing from these three as the top name on your list.  Megatron, Andre and Fitzgerald are the prototypes for what everyone wants a receiver to look like.

Head over to the NFL Films Blog to read over Cosell’s very thoughtful analysis.

Greg Cosell: The Top 5 Wide Receivers


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