New Orleans Saints Next On Penn State Investigator’s List

The man photographed up above is former FBI Director Louis Freeh.  Upon completion of his FBI duties, Freeh became the head of his own investigative consultation firm – The Freeh Group.  Today, Freeh and his firm released their damning report in the investigation of Penn State’s handling of  the accusations made against Jerry Sandusky and the administration’s role in covering up the matter.

Next up on the Freeh Group’s agenda – the New Orleans Saints.  NFL-ATL has the scoop:

Team owner Tom Benson hired Freeh last month to investigate both the “bounty” scandal and claims that general manager Micky Loomis once used illicit technology to eavesdrop on opposing coaches, according to PFT.

If the devastating report on Penn State is any indication, we’ll have a much clearer picture on both subjects by the time Freeh announces his findings on the Saints. In the Penn State case, Freeh filed a 267-page report on an investigation that spanned nine months. According to ESPN, Freeh’s team analyzed 3.5 million emails and documents and interviewed more than 430 current or former school employees, including nearly everyone associated with Penn State’s football program under former coach Joe Paterno.

The Freeh Group was able to uncover new evidence that may lead to additional charges for the Penn State faculty members who helped cover up Jerry Sandusky’s heinous acts.  The stakes aren’t as high as far as the bounty scandal is concerned.  However, you should fully expect to hear never before revealed details on the inner workings of the Saints and how the bounty system was instituted.


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