2012 Supplemental Draft

The NFL held its Supplemental Draft today and Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon was the only player chosen.  The Cleveland Browns used a 2nd round pick on the wide out, which means they won’t have a 2nd round in the 2013 NF Draft.

Finding a consistent theme in evaluations for Gordon has been a tough task.  Some scouts have labeled him a can’t miss prospect due to his combination of size and speed.  Others have bashed him for putting up pedestrian stats while in college.

Here’s what FootballOutsiders.com had to say about Gordon:

Cleveland used a second-round pick on Baylor receiver Josh Gordon in today’s supplemental draft. Gordon had 42 catches for 714 yards in 2010, then missed all of 2011 due to a failed drug test. Draftniks have been all over the place on him over the last couple days.

To the KUBIAK update-mobile, Batman!

Vince Verhei, the man behind Playmaker Score 3.0 in the new book, has this to say:

A paltry 117 in Playmaker Score 3.0. A 4.52-sec forty and 36-inch vertical sound great to most humans, but they’re middle of the pack numbers for this year’s draftees. He was a distant second behind Kendall Wright in his one season at Baylor. Oh, and he did it in the Big 12, home to inflated receiving numbers. To be fair, he probably has more potential than that shows, because we never saw what he could do as a junior or senior. But I wouldn’t go higher than a sixth for him no matter how big his hands are.

Gordon will likely be granted all the time necessary to prove his naysayers wrong.  There isn’t much competition within the Browns wide receiver depth chart to keep him on the bench for too long.  We’ll likely find out sooner rather than later if the Browns have made a smart investment by scooping up Gordon.  Training camps begin in two weeks.


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