Peterson Attorney: No Reason For Arrest

As questions continue to swirl around the details concerning Adrian Peterson’s weekend arrest, his lawyer, the renowned Rusty Hardin, continued to lay into the Houston police for their handling  of the matter.  Hardin took to the Dan Patrick Show this morning to voice his displeasure.

Hardin doesn’t understand why Peterson was charged with resisting arrest as the department has not yet said what crime Peterson had committed to warrant being placed under arrest in the first place

“That’s because there wasn’t anything to arrest him for, and that goes right to the heart of everything,” Hardin told Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, who is pinch-hosting for Patrick. “There was no basis for it. … He wasn’t doing anything to merit an arrest.”

Hopefully, during this Friday’s first scheduled hearing, hopefully there will be new details exposed that will help shed light on exactly what occurred.


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