The Season Kicks Off In Less Than Two Months

This video should get the blood flowing for Chicago Bears fans everywhere.  I linked to this video back in May for a piece I did to shed light on the improvements the Bears this offseason.  The soundtrack makes me want to run through several brick walls.

Grantland’s resident Bears fan, Robert Mays, claims to have watched this video “513 times” already, with that number set to climb even higher.

… for a certain segment of the population (read: every past, present, and future Chicago Bears fan), this eight-minute clip is our Citizen Kane.

Let me reiterate this — save for kick returns, these types of plays have never been a part of my world. And if that first one isn’t enough, go ahead and fast forward to :44, where in one play, Marshall does about five things a 6-foot-4, 230-pound man simply shouldn’t be able to do. Now, excuse me while I go watch this for the next five hours.

I’ve watched the opening minutes of this clip maybe over two dozen times since the trade for Brandon Marshall was announced and each viewing increases my anticipation for the season exponentially.  Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more more plays like this this upcoming Fall.

Grantland: 57-Day NFL Warning: Celebrating the Coming Jay Cutler–Brandon Marshall Revolution


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