Who’s Better – Marshall or Jackson?

At the onset of free agency, the Bears were rumored to be the top landing spot for wide receiver Vincent Jackson.  The Bears would go on to shock league observers by trading two third round picks to the Miami Dolphins for Brandon Marshall, reuniting  him with Jay Cutler.

Today, Bucky Brooks of took some time to compare the two wide outs.  Here are his results.

  • V. Jackson: Athleticism, Route Running, Big Play Ability
  • B. Marshall: Ball Skills, Running Skills

Jackson and Marshall were two of the marquee acquisitions of the offseason and their arrivals in Tampa Bay and Chicago, respectively, will certainly add another dimension to those offenses. Although I expect Marshall to have a bigger impact in Chicago — due to his ability to thrive as a No. 1 receiver with Cutler — I believe Jackson is the better overall player at this point of his career. He is a superior athlete, route runner and big-play threat, which makes him a more difficult player to defend in my opinion.

On the day the trade was officially made, i used some stats from to throw my support behind Marshall.

Just how genius was this move? Vincent Jackson, 29,  reached a contract agreement with the Buccaneers for 5 year/ $55 million. Marshall is locked in for 3 years for just over $27 million. The Chicago Suntimes’ Sean Jensen has the statistical breakdown:

“- In 92 career games, Jackson has 272 catches for 4,754 yards with 37 touchdowns. He’s been selected to two Pro Bowls.

– In 91 career games, Marshall has 494 catches for 6,247 yards with 34 touchdowns. He’s been selected to three Pro Bowls.

– That means Marshall has 222 more catches and 1,493 more yards than Jackson. That’s quite a bit.”

So – the Bears get the younger, more productive player, while paying him $2 million LESS per season? As a Bears Fan, that’s fine by me.

Even with the well thought out analysis of Mr. Brooks, I still say the Bears were better off trading for Marshall than spending the coin necessary to land Jackson. Brandon Marshall vs. Vincent Jackson: Who is the superior WR?


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