From Bounties to Booty – Sean Payton In the Club

With New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton suspended for the 2012 and currently embroiled in a marital separation dispute, his name has been in the news a lot lately.  Safe to say he’s been a hot topic of sorts over recent months.

Payton was recently recorded dancing in a club in the Bahamas with a blond woman who isn’t his soon to be ex wife.  As funny as the video is, the fact that someone saw it fit to record it without Payton’s permission strikes me as extremely creepy.

Celebrities and athletes exist in a world where their every move can potentially be documented and submitted to online forums for consumption by the millions of folks who live for that type of material.  Privacy is a necessary sacrifice for fortune and fame.

Head over to TMZ to check out the video and a bunch of other inconsequential celebrity news.

TMZ: I’ve Got a Bounty … On That Ass!


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