More Details Emerge In Adrian Peterson Case

Houston police representatives have stated that since Adrian Peterson was only charged with a misdemeanor, he’ll likely only face a fine and would have his record wiped clean sometime afterwards.

It doesn’t seem as if Peterson is ready to sweep this under the rug just yet.

In a move that likely signals a legal battle up ahead, Adrian Peterson has hired high profile attorney Rusty Hardin to represent him.  Hardin is best known for helping Roger Clemens beat his perjury charges this past June.

Peterson’s father, Nelson, stated that the police officers who confronted his son used “vulgar language” and were disrespectful in their actions.  He also questioned the charges that resulted from the matter.

“From what I’ve gathered, he was very disrespectful to Adrian,” Nelson said by phone.

“The officer said he pushed him, shoved him, then why is he not charged with assault?” Nelson said. “Only charged with resisting arrest. Doesn’t make sense.”

Mr. Peterson is right – none of this really makes sense.  The younger Peterson is due in court this Friday.  Hopefully, more light will be shed on what can only be described as one confusing event.

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Vikings’ Adrian Peterson’s dad: Officer used ‘vulgar language,’ was ‘disrespectful’ 


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