Adrian Peterson – Arrested

Being roughed up by cops is not the ideal way to recuperate from reconstructive knew surgery.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson won’t let the Detroit Lions to the NFC North’s Bad Boys Crown without a fight, as he was arrested over the weekend in a Houston night club and charged with … resisting arrest?

This confuses the hell out of me – resisting arrest is usually tacked on to other charges for which a suspect was unwilling to cooperate with while being detained.  A Houston police spokesman states that Peterson pushed a police officer while being asked to vacate the club.  TMZ has quoted nightclub workers as saying Peterson drunk and belligerent during his time at the club.

Peterson for his part says the facts will be known soon enough.

[tweet] [tweet]

There’s the police story, the club workers’ stories and Peterson’s account of the events.  Somewhere in the middle, the truth exists.  We’ll have more details whenever they are made available.


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