The Stigma of Being a “Short” Quarterback

Former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie was listed as standing 5’10”.

That measurement may have been a few inches too generous.

Speaking with Ian Rapoport of, Flutie gave his assessment on the plight of the “Short QB”.

“The biggest issue about the height factor is the bias that the NFL has about it,” Flutie told

Flutie said that for short quarterbacks, the problem isn’t that they can’t see over the line of scrimmage. The problem is that coaches don’t have faith in them and pull the plug as soon as something goes wrong.

“You see the game from that perspective and you throw the football,” Flutie said. “I really do not believe it’s a big deal. I just think that they don’t, in general, give the [short quarterbacks] the opportunities or stick with them. A guy that’s undersized has to prove himself right away. And if you don’t have success right away, you’re out the door.”

I have no inside information, but I’m willing to bet Flutie is on to something here.  You hear it every year during the NFL Draft.  Some players are lauded for their combination of size and speed.  Others have their abilities questioned, as analysts wonder whether or not they have the stature to withstand the physical nature of the game.  This probably goes on in college and high school as well.  Don’t expect this to end any time soon. Doug Flutie still flustered by discrimination against short QBs


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