NFL Upholds Suspensions of New Orleans Saints Players

Two weeks ago, the NFL formally held the appeals hearing for all players disciplined over their alleged roles in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal.  Today, the NFL announced that all suspensions would be upheld.  Read below for Commissioner Roger Goodell’s entire statement on today’s ruling.

“Throughout this entire process, including your appeals, and despite repeated invitations andencouragement to do so, none of you has offered any evidence that would warrantreconsideration of your suspensions. Instead, you elected not to participate meaningfully in theappeal process…”

“Although you claimed to have been ‘wrongfully accused with insufficient evidence,’ your lawyers elected not to ask a single question of the principal investigators, both of whom werepresent at the hearing (as your lawyers had requested); you elected not to testify or to make any substantive statement, written or oral, in support of your appeal; you elected not to call a single witness to support your appeal; and you elected not to introduce a single exhibit addressing the merits of your appeal. Instead, your lawyers raised a series of jurisdictional and procedural objections that generally ignore the CBA, in particular its provisions governing‘conduct detrimental’ determinations…”

“In sum, I did not make my determinations here lightly. At every stage, I took seriously myresponsibilities under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. I determined the discipline for each of you

  1. only after a long, detailed and professional investigation by NFL Security’s experienced investigators;
  2. only after the results of that investigation were carefully reviewed by an independent expert, former United States Attorney Mary Jo White;
  3. only after I heard the appeals of the Saints’ coaches and staff regarding discipline for their roles in the program;
  4. only after representatives of NFL Security, along with Mr. Pash and Mr. Birch, spoke with Players Association attorneys at length regarding the investigation; and
  5. only after giving each of you multiple opportunities to meet with the NFL investigators and to share with them your version of the events surrounding the program. The suspensions imposed were reasonable action taken to preserve public confidence in, and the integrity of, the game of professional football.”

“While this decision constitutes my final and binding determination under the CBA, I of course retain the inherent authority to reduce a suspension should facts be brought to my attention warranting the exercise of that discretion. The record confirms that each of you was given multiple chances to meet with me to present your side of the story. You are each still welcome to do so.”



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