Did Auburn University Really Give Cam Newton $200K?

According to Charles Barkley they did.  Follow this link for the video (skip to about 1:58 if you don’t care much for the hilarity of Mr. Barkley)

Cam Newton was briefly deemed ineligible in the Fall of 2010 during his lone season at Auburn after the NCAA found evidence that linked his father to a pay for play scheme which saw the elder Newton looking to claim $100,000-$180,000 to secure his son’s services.  Cam was reinstated the very next day after Auburn successfully appealed the ruling, stating that Cam had no idea what his father was up to and he was acting on his own behalf.  The NCAA wrapped up its investigation a year later, saying they could not substantiate the allegations against the Newtons.

My thoughts – I hope the Newtons got every penny possible out of Cam’s stay at Auburn.  Defenders of the NCAA’s harsh tactics against student-athletes who receive “improper benefits” say that these kis deserve the punishments that are handed down to them.  They’ll tell you that being given a full scholarship while playing sports should preclude these kids from accepting any cash on the side.  Never mind that the networks and corporate bowl sponsors earn billions off of the backs of these athletes performances.  Ignore the fact that these universities receive what amounts to millions of dollars in free advertising and marketing when one of their athletes makes a star out of himself while wearing their schools’ colors.  Pay no mind to the fact that a lot of these student-athletes come from poor backgrounds that would leave them susceptible to accepting free cash from those willing to pay.  None of that matters in the world of college sports, where cash is king and should only be earned by those in power.


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