Tony Romo Stands In the Way of Success for Cowboys …

… this according to a former teammate.

Chris Canty spent four seasons as Romo’s teammate with the Cowboys, from 2005-2008, so he’s had an up close and personal view of the ins and outs of Tony Romo’s game.

He signed with the New York Giants before the 2009 season.  Coming off of his first Super Bowl win, Canty spoke on the differences in the games of Romo and New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning.

“Romo’s a tremendous quarterback, statistically he’s a top five quarterback, that’s undeniable,” Canty said Tuesday on ESPN’s SportsNation. “At the end of the day, in the clutch situations, he hasn’t performed as well as you would like him to. I think ultimately, that’s been the difference between their franchise and the Giants ability to be successful.”

The 29-year-old, who was proudly sporting his recent Super Bowl ring, was then asked if he feels as if he can force Romo into mistakes when the Giants face the Cowboys.

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” Canty responded. “Obviously, when you put pressure on any quarterback you can cause mistakes. I think Romo has been prone to make mistakes in the clutch situations and his team has not been able to be successful because of it.”

Seeing as how Romo has lead the Cowboys to only one playoff victory during his tenure as the Cowboys starter, Canty’s words should not be looked down upon.  Now that LeBron James has won his first NBA Title, former Cowboy Michael Irvin labeled Romo as the athlete under the most pressure to win a championship.  I wouldn’t go that far, but Cowboys fans are anxious for Romo to lead their team to postseason success.

Dallas Morning News: Chris Canty: Tony Romo the reason Cowboys haven’t had same success as Giants


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