49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh “A Little Crazy”

Need a reminder on just how fiery San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh can be?  Here it is:

Sure, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz was mostly at fault for the near riot that ensued.  But the entire fracas was sparked by the pointless backslap Harbaugh gave him.

49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers spoke up on the eccentrics of his team’s leader.

“It’s fun. He’s a little crazy. He do things different than, I would say, a normal head coach,” cornerback Carlos Rogers told WQXI-AM this week, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “You’ll see the guy holding field goals for (David) Akers, taking snaps at quarterback, throwing the ball to the receivers when they’re going over their routes, over there talking to DBs like he really knows what’s going on, and just having fun throughout the whole practice. He has fun and he interacts with every position.”

The 49ers made it all the way to the NFC Title Game last season, so you could say “a little crazy” works sometimes.

NFL-ATL:  Carlos Rogers: Jim Harbaugh ‘a little crazy’ with 49ers


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