Ray Rice: Joe Flacco Outperformed Tom Brady In AFC Title Game

From Ryan Wilson of CBSSports:

… should Tom Brady be awarded the “win”? By almost any measure, he had a horrible game and was outplayed by Flacco.

(Both quarterbacks were 22 of 36 but Flacco threw for 306 yards, two touchdowns — not to mention Lee Evans’ dropped TD pass in the fourth quarter — and an interception. Brady, meanwhile, managed just 239 passing yards, no touchdowns and two picks. )

Count Ray Rice among those who were much more impressed with Joe Flacco’s AFC Title Game performance than Brady’s.

“It was his show. It was his show on offense and as much credit that I was getting and as much respect I was getting from defenses, all Joe really had to do is prove that we can drive the ball down the field and score, and he did that,” Rice said via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “Quite frankly, he outplayed Tom Brady the last game. He outplayed Tom Brady, and Tom Brady — he’s the trademark for a quarterback. So Joe Flacco feeling the way he feels is only right, because he did it on a high level. He did it on the peak of his performance.”

Flacco has compiled a 44-20 regular season record (5-4 in the postseason) during his tenure as the Ravens’ starting QB.  Similar to Ray Rice, he is seeking a new contract from the team.  Flacco has been a little uneven in his play over the years, but his showing during last season’s playoff run should provide proof that his development arrow is pointing upward.  The Ravens should do the right thing and lock both of these guys up to long term deals.

CBSSports: Ray Rice on Joe Flacco: He outplayed Tom Brady in AFC Championship Game


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