Bounty Coaches Can Speak Out If They Want To

Saints quarterback Drew Brees went on The Dan Patrick Show yesterday and lobbed some pretty serious allegations toward the NFL.

“I’ve been informed a lot of those coaches feel there are further sanctions being held over their head if they don’t cooperate with the investigation,” Brees said. “If they were to speak out on behalf of the players, maybe that’s the fear they have.”

The NFL responded today by saying that Brees’ allegations were baseless.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello has told a variety of outlets that there is simply no truth to Brees’ claims.  “Of course people are free to speak, as Joe Vitt has done,” Aiello told Around the League Wednesday.

“Commissioner Goodell said he will give close attention to the extent to which Coach Williams cooperates with the NFL in any further proceedings.”  Cooperating with proceedings doesn’t mean Williams has to take a vow of silence. But that’s essentially what he’s done to this point.

The back-and-forth between the players and the league over the bounty evidence is seemingly never-ending. We would be surprised if the coaches got involved publicly. Payton and Williams have openly apologized, admitted their mistakes, and seem to want to move past the controversy as much as possible.

As long as the coaches involved in the bounty scandal choose to remain silent, this media battle between the players and the league is likely to continue.

NFL-ATL: NFL: ‘Of course’ bounty coaches are ‘free to speak’ | W&L: Drew Brees Still Not Satisfied With Bounty Evidence


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